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1-What services are provided by Art & Moule?
This is a company specializing in the manufacture and design of molds of various shapes and varied patterns according to customer requirement and these molds are used for the production of the tile.
2- What are the hours of work of Art & Moule?
5 days a week from Monday to Friday and receive applications 24h / 24h, while providing the customer with a team that ensures the reception and processing of applications through Email.
3- What are the free services of the Art & Moule?
There are free services before sale, a team that performs the simulations obtained free patterns.
4- I'm not a regular customer, I am a company manufacturing the tile is can I have one with you for making a great quantity?
Of course, we work with everyone, the policy of our work opens with all clients are ordinary people or representatives of companies or related companies worldwide.
5- What is the tile mold?
It is a kind of metallic copper product part which can take many different shapes and different kinds of patterns for the production of cement tiles.
6- How we use the mold?
It is used for the production of tile shapes and with different and varied patterns.
7- this Is that we can introduce an amendment to this mold?
Of course, we work according to the customer's need or can offer the customer the types and forms we have, and it can offer us his choice, through a request followed the drawing requested through this link : Contact
8- They are the forms you have?
We have various forms depending on customer choice, mold categories: 50x50, 40x40, 30x30, 20x20, 15X15, 12,3x12,5, 10x10, 7x7 ......
9- What is the duration of the design of this mold?
It may take between one day and six days of shape and mold design without counting the days transportation.
10- How is the communication between the client and the team?
We provide the customer with a special page of communication for them to fill out and send all information relating to the mold which it seeks to production. Our team will work through the sending of desired mold by email with Pro- invoice containing all the information. Contact us
11- What is the price of the mold and what is the payment method?
The price depends on the shape and type as well as the design, because sometimes there are varied and difficult forms that require high precision work. Regarding the method of payment we offer our customers a secured bank account allowing them to send us the transfer through which we have already sent all information relating to the company Art & Moule, their bank account and bank Swift.
12- How - I ensure that you received the first advance and the second advance?
We ensure through a notice from the bank and we refer this notice through Email.
13- What guarantees that prove that I sent to the account of the first and second advance ?
The notice to a receipt that you receive the transfer from your bank account is a legal guarantee, in addition to our notice we send by email after the receipt of your payment to our bank account, and then that there is an exchange office desk that controls all international bank transfers. For more information.
14- How many days puts the bank for receiving the bank transfer?
Most cases, it is between 3 to 6 days excluding public holidays and national and international celebrations.
15- What is composed Pro-invoice?
It consists of information relating to the mold and the value of transit and shipping.
16- What is the agreement of the advances and transfers between the customer and the company?
Just after the agreement of the customer on the Pro-Forma Invoice and be insured by us the Email, we start by designing the mold, we send information to the client guaranteed bank account for the transfer of the first advance that is 50% of the value of the invoice, and sending the second after completion of the mold design and the operation of transport by Express Post with the legal provisions of the transit.
17- How is shipment and how long is it?
Before shipping the transit occurs after we send the customer the tracking code of the mold so that it can learn that the mold is on its way and duration is 3 to 6 days to receive the package. To track the parcel please press this link: Track your Package Online
18- Is there a possibility of international shipping?
Yes, of course, we ships the mold for cement tile an all over the world.
19- Is it possible to ship the mold at the company specializes in the manufacture of cement tiles floor?
Of course, if our customers can transport the mold to a certain company specializing in the manufacture of cement tiles, we offer a shipping service to the company in question.
20- If I do not receive the package, or if the receive different from the one I asked for?
We can not carry designs and the mold without being sure of the address and we assure all our responsibility if an error occurs, but it is the customer who bears the costs of transport for the return of the mold was taken in by mistake.
21- I have over 5 molds, is that there is a discount on the full amount da Invoice?
Each faith What time the client application more than 10 molds, there is automatically a decrease which can be up to 10% of the original price, this offer: besides transportation costs and transit.
23- How do I request information?
For more information, please do not hesitate and fill your request via the following link: Contact or send by Email : and our team will respond in the shortest period.
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